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Can I party at the Funky Leopard ?

We are located in a wilderness close to the boundary of the Yala National Park. Respecting the environment, we do not allow music and you are expected to keep noise levels down to a minimum.

We have no objection to you having a beer and a chit-chat at night. However, all group chit-chats after 9 pm need to be done very cautiously. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the common areas if the noise level increases. Unless you have booked an entire room as a group, the same policy applies  inside the rooms as well.


What about my meals? Are there any restaurants available closeby ?

There are no restaurants available near the Funky Leopard. You can either book us as Bed Only or Bed with Breakfast. For Lunch and Dinner, you have options to bring provisions and make on your own or purchase the meals from us. We can arrange Set Menu Lunch at 4 USD and Set Menu Dinner at 6 USD on prior advance notice. The day’s menus will be displayed on the notice board.   


Tell me about the Yala Safaris you do?

We at Funky Leopard Safari Hostel at Yala conduct professional safaris at Yala National Park, for our guests as an additional, separately paid service. The Yala Safari Jeeps, driven by experienced drivers leave at 5.30 am and 2.30 pm every day from the Funky Leopard Safari Hostel. We only offer Toyota Hilux or Mitsubishi L200 vehicles,  modified to carry 6 passengers.


You could either book an exclusive Yala safari package for you or your group up to 5 people or reserve a slot to be a part of a group up to 5 people under the standard Yala safari package.  


We offer a very transparent service inclusive of all costs, in order to let you enjoy your Safari and not get taken by surprise with unexpected charges.



Can my travel partners and I be together in one room?  

As we have many single travellers from many different cultures, we try our best to provide female and male accommodation separately. However, depending on the composition of that particular day, we may consider mixed accommodation where you could be in the same room with your travelling partner/s. Please note this cannot be guaranteed.

40+ safari explorers need to either book the individual cottage or book an entire room by paying for 6 beds or 8 beds.


What if I wanted to have a beer?  

Yes! In the evening, sit around the campfire, sip a beer and share your day’s experiences with the other Safari explorers. Though you are not permitted to bring alcohol to Funky Leopard, it’s possible for us to arrange few beers for you.          


What are the check-in and check-out timings?

Check-in time is at 01.00 pm and check-out time is 11.00 am. It is highly recommended that you pack and check out before leaving for the Safari, in case you get late to return.  


What's The Child And Family Policy At Funky Leopard?

We offer 02 options for Families and Children at Funky Leopard Safari Hostel. 

  1. You may book the separate cottage with 02 individual single beds. (When pushed together, 02 adults and 01 child can be accommodated). 

  1. Book one of the 4 rooms ( 2 with 6 beds each and 2 with 8 beds each ) entirely for your family or a group of travellers of under 18 years 

We do not allow minors (persons under 18) to share a room with outsiders.


What's the Child and Family policy at Funky Leopard?

Funky Leopard Safari Hostel is a very good and economical option for families as well. You may book one of the 4 rooms entirely for a family or for a group of under 18.
We do not allow minors ( under 18 ) to share rooms with outsiders.


B E S T   R A T E S   G U A R A N T E E D !


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